Vivid wireless review


Hello everyone,

today I have decided to write about Vividwireless and share with you my personal experience.

I live in Perth city and I signed up 5 weeks ago as this was my best option being a renter. In fact it was by far the cheapest, easiest and fastest option, as all the other providers (Telstra, Optus, Dodo, Barefoot, Mate…) required an active phone line (that I did not have) which costed nearly $300 plus one month waiting time just for the technician to come.

I was recommended to use VividWireless by a friend of mine, and I am happy I followed her recommendation.

Vividwireless ( avoids all the hassle by offering 4G LTE wireless internet plans – its wireless modem needs only to be plugged into a power socket, where it can be set up within minutes – no complex cable connections required. Furthermore, there’s no need for phone line rental, which will save you a significant amount every month and it gives the flexibility to take your internet connection with you wherever you go (which comes very in hand when you have to move home).
Theoretical top speeds you can get on the vividwireless 4G LTE network is 10mbps download and 1mbps upload.

Plans start at $29 for 10GB data per month and move up to $59 for 40GB a month or $89 for unlimited data, which is what I have chosen.

All three plans are available on month to month or 24 month contracts. The two year contracts include a free wireless modem, which otherwise costs $199 on a month to month plan. My advice is go for the contract anyway, as you do not pay any extra money for change of mind but only the remaining part of your modem.
In fact, the following is an extract from their critical information summary for the unlimited plan:
“Early Termination fees (ETF) – applicable to 24 month contract plans only
Early termination fees will be calculated as follows: (Modem costs / [24 months]) * [months remaining] = ETF
Example: The maximum ETF for a home gateway (RRP $199) on a 24 month fixed term plan finishing 1 week into the plan is: ($199 / 24) * 23 = $190.71” ( viewed 23/5/2017)

In other words, with the contract you save slightly more than $8 for every month you use the service compared with the no-contract option.

Also, you’d better check the coverage in your area before making any commitments at the following link:

Eventually, it has worked out very well for me so far. The registration process is really quick and easy: it takes less than five minutes. We normally connect it to up to 6 devices and it has never let us down. We usually get the max speed in download we could get (10 Mbps)  and  almost 0.7-0.8 Mbps in upload.

My referral code for a FREE MONTH’S SERVICE is:


Alternatively you can use the link:

Thank you.


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